Expenses and Benefits Guide

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1. Introduction

   1.1 Purpose of Document

   1.2 Scope

   1.3. Authority

2. Status and Responsibilities

   2.1 Status of the University of Oxford

   2.2 Responsibilities for Tax Matters

   2.3 Responsibilities of Claimants, Authorisers and the Payments Team

3. Principles and Policies

   3.1 Payments Principles

   3.2 Payments Policies

4. General Procedures

   4.1 Payroll Procedures

   4.2 Expenses Procedures

   4.3 Payment Requests and Recurring Invoices

   4.4 Advances

   4.5 Senior Officers and Delegation of Authority

   4.6 Supplier Invoice Payments

   4.7 Credit Cards

   4.8 Petty Cash

   4.9 Foreign Currency Payments

5. Employment and Payment for Services

   5.1 Employment Status and Payments in the Nature of Employment

   5.2 Awards to Staff

   5.3 Royalties and Giving Up Income

6. Payments to Students, Visiting Academics, and Volunteers

   6.1 Scholarships and Bursaries

   6.2 Students and Work

   6.3 Academic Visitors

   6.4 Payments to External Examiners

   6.5 Volunteers and Subject Payments

7. Travel

   7.1 Business Travel: What is Allowed

   7.2 Travel by Public Transport

   7.3 University Vehicles

   7.4 Private and Hired Vehicles

   7.5 Fuel Purchases and VAT

   7.6 Other Travel-related Costs

8. Subsistence

   8.1 Subsistence: General Principles

   8.2 Hotels and accommodation in the course of travel

9. Communications and IT

   9.1 General Principles

   9.2 Mobile Telephones

   9.3 Fixed-line Telephones

   9.4 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Portable Computers

   9.5 Computers and Other IT Equipment

   9.6 Broadband and Internet Access

10. Staff Support

   10.1 Staff Training and Conferences

   10.2 Subscriptions and Professional Fees

   10.3 Medical Expenses

   10.4 Other Support

11. Entertaining

   11.1 General Principles

   11.2 Refreshments, Meetings and Business Entertainment

   11.3 Staff Canteen Facilities

   11.4 Non-Business and Social Entertaining

   11.5 Taxable Entertaining

   11.6 Gifts to Staff

12. Accommodation

   12.1 Job-related Accommodation

   12.2 Other Accommodation and Relocation


   P11D Reporting

   The University's Tax Reporting Obligations

   Petty Cash Expenditure

   Taxable Payments

   Relocation: A Guide to Moving


   Mobile Telephones

   Fixed-Line Telephones

   Internet Access

Printable Expenses and Benefits Guide

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