Payroll Forms

Main Payroll

Advance request for new employee (145kb)

PAYE Settlement Agreement (Staff Entertaining) - application for inclusion (64kb)

Notification of Maternity Leave (88kb)

Notification of Ordinary Paternity Leave (28kb)

Request for P60 details (143kb)

Request for a duplicate payslip (144kb)

Overtime form (28kb)

Change of bank details (28kb)

Tax Clearance - longer-term (Double Taxation) (37kb)

Deducting salary for Industrial Action: 25 and 26 May 2016 (31kb)

Deducting Salary for Industrial Action 22 June 2016 (30kb)

Casual Payroll

Which casual payment form should you complete?

  • If the staff member does not currently have an active appointment within your department (check in CoreHR) complete all sections of a Casual Payment Starter form (53kb) including the right to work details on page 2
  • If the staff member has an active appointment with your department in CoreHR and the payment is relevant to this type of appointment (i.e. ‘Casual’ appointment for clerical, technical work etc.; ‘Castch’ appointment for teaching, demonstrating etc.), complete the Repeat Casual Payment form (32kb) - note that this can be used for more than one member of staff.

See also: guidance on completing the Casual Payment Starter Form.

Note: The same work permit restrictions apply to both casual workers and those on the main university payroll. For more information, please refer to the Staff Immigration guidance on Right to Work.

Other casual work forms and documents

Tax Clearance - short-term visiting academic (35kb) - Payments may be made only after clearance has been given by HMRC

Request for P60 details - casual (144kb) Request for a duplicate payslip - casual

Visiting Instructors, Lecturers, Speakers, and Teachers Employment Decision Tree (190kb) for one-off lectures

Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange Opt-out and Opt-in forms

Relocation Scheme

All Relocation Scheme forms are held under Expenses and Relocation forms section.

Full details about the Relocation Scheme is available in the Expenses and Advances section. 

P11D forms

Departmental P11D returns for tax year 2016/17 (110kb)

2016/17 P11D Appendicies (34kb)

Request for duplicate P11D (144kb)

External form

HMRC form P85 leaving the UK


Expenses Claim Form (310kb)

HMRC Employment Income scale rates