How do I?

Answers to some frequently asked questions about obtaining Value for Money in your day to day work.


Make sure I get Value for Money when I need to buy something?

The University Purchasing Department's website can help you to do this. Check their 'How do I?' guide (ox only) for more information. You can also access lists of 'preferred suppliers' from their site.

Get free stuff, or recycle old stuff that we don't need?

Estates Services run a University 'swap shop' - a noticeboard for departments to advertise good quality items they no longer want, and that could be reused elsewhere. It is sent to departments and other staff each month.

Find research equipment that I can share or use, or offer old equipment for others to use?

The FEC Senior Strategy Group and the Integrated Services Interest Group are co-sponsoring a project on 'Sharing Research Equipment' designed to promote Oxford’s Small Research Facilities (SRFs) and to examine ways to ensure Oxford is using its current research equipment and facilities to full potential.


Think about reducing my energy use?

Estates Services provide lots of information on how to reduce your energy use, including their with quick wins and longer term solutions for reducing building-related energy.

See how much energy my building used in the last quarter?

View quarterly energy reports produced by the Sustainability Team online.

Get tips on saving costs and helping the environment?

Access EcoFinance electronic news bulletins, with tips on cost savings which also help the environment - or sign up to receive the bulletin each month.


Reduce my travel costs?

Estates Services provides useful information ontravel around Oxford and beyond.

Book a web conference?

Sometimes it might make more sense to avoid unnecessary travel and hold a video conference instead. OUCS pages provide information on their Videoconference and meeting rooms service.

Join a car share scheme?

The University has teamed up with liftshare to provide its own scheme, which matches staff with car, walking and cycling journeys in and around Oxfordshire. Register to use the scheme (for free) here.

Conferences and Visitors

Book conference rooms in a College or University building?

Visit the Conference Oxford site, the central Conference marketing office.

Book a University hotel room for a visitor?

You can book a room at the University Club via their website.

Book a College overnight room for a visitor?

Conference Oxford allows you to book rooms like this.