Employment information

Disability Contacts

Terms and conditions of employment

The terms and conditions of employment for University staff are set out in your contract of employment. The specific terms and conditions will vary depending on your grade and the purpose and source of funding for your role. If you are grade 6-10, you are defined as an academic-related staff member; employment information will be found in the handbook for academic-related staff. If you are grade 1-5, you are defined as a support staff member; employment information will be found in the handbook for support staff.

Health, safety and welfare

All new members of staff are required to familiarise themselves with the University Statement of Health and Safety Policy and the University’s health policy statements and safety policy statements; for more information visit the Safety Office website. Each department also has its own safety rules and procedures to be followed in the case of fire, accident or emergency. Please contact your departmental administrator for details and ensure that you are familiar with your local procedures.

All members of staff who use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) such as computers and laptops are required to adopt a correct posture and follow the principles in the University’s DSE usage policy which also covers work station set up and use, visual factors, breaks, environment and training. As a new member of staff you are strongly encouraged to complete the University web-based DSE training and self-assessment programme within the first month of your employment. For more information and to undertake DSE training and self-assessment visit the DSE website.

The University has an Occupational Health Service, which is available to help with work-related health issues or with personal difficulties which impact on work.

The Equality & Diversity Unit provides practical support and advice to staff with a disability. The Unit also runs the harassment advisors' network and works to promote awareness of equality and diversity issues among all members of the collegiate University.

Childcare Services

The University offers a comprehensive range of childcare services. The Childcare Services website provides information on all aspects of childcare to enable parents to make informed decisions that best suit their needs.


The Pensions Office administers the pension schemes operated by the University for its employees, and offers services to staff including one-to-one consultations.