AAD News Alert

The AAD News Alert provides an update on work, key events and deadlines for those with an academic or administrative interest in applicants or students. For those interested in student communications, copies of the Student News emails and Preparing for Oxford emails sent to offer-holders between March and September are available from the Oxford Students website.

AAD News Alert subscription

To subscribe to the AAD News Alert send an email to: aad_news_alert-subscribe@maillist.admin.ox.ac.uk from the email address you wish to subscribe from. This is an automated email so you won't need to include a message or subject. You will receive an email back asking you to confirm your subscription to the AAD News Alert mailing list, simply follow the instructions to complete your subscription.

You can unsubscribe from the AAD News Alert by logging into the List of Lists on the UAS Mailing Lists Server, using Single Sign On, and selecting to unsubscribe from the AAD News Alert mailing list (aad_news_alert@maillist.admin.ox.ac.uk) from your list of subscriptions.

AAD News Alert features