Fun at Bradmore Road

Bradmore Road love the outdoors, playing together and investigating BUGS!

Children at Bradmore Road are getting really interested in the outdoors, bugs and flowers in both gardens… they could not wait to go outside to observe, play and doing activities with them. At the nursery we encourage children to play together and using their learning skills to work together to move back and forward on the seesaw in a safe way.




By observing the Mini Beasts in our gardens the children loved learning about the different names of them and decided to paint them. They also used flowers to do mark making with different colours of their choices. We also encourage them to feel and talk about the texture of several flowers and plants.



As the children loved looking, observing and asking many questions about the mini beasts, we invited Zoo Lab to show all the age groups as well as parents different kind of beasts… the children learnt about the diversity of insects and bugs by counting legs or no legs and the different ways that they move. The children were fascinated and were able to share their experiences of insects with their peers. 



The preschool children talked about tiny insects that you cannot see with your own eyes and need to use a magnifying glass to see them. Staff recreated, with the help of the children a mini beast table. Children hid bugs under long green grass as they know that insects need flowers and grass to survive in the garden.



All of these activities are undertaken in conjunction with Bright Horizons Growing Enhancements, devised by our Early Years team to support the EYFS curriculum and encourage stimulating and fun educational learning.