Fun at Mansion House

Mansion House children – Modern artists in the making!

Growing artist

At The University of Oxford's nurseries and Bright Horizons we encourage self-expression and this was evident in our recent activity at Mansion House. Working with our Growing Artists programme children were encouraged to embrace the inner artist!

The nursery hosted an Art-Exhibition for our parents and leading up to the event, the children explored everything to do with “art”! They were introduced to several well-known artists and lots of discussion was had whilst studying different pieces of art.

Children and staff talked about the different techniques used and also tried to guess how certain pictures could have been made. The children also looked at sculptures and had the opportunity to create their own 3D-models using clay, which they later painted.

It was wonderful to see the joy and creativity that arose in the children, and how this opened up for new ways of expressing themselves.

Big painting on the fence: After learning about Jackson Pollock and seeing some of his work, the children wanted to do their own “splat-painting”!

Bing painting

Pictures on garden shed: some of the master pieces on show at our Art-Exhibition!