Fun at Woodstock Road

Spring at Woodstock Road

At Woodstock Road we have been getting up to a variety of different activities and holding a range of different event this spring, to celebrate and provide parents with information.

Easter Bonnet parade

The families at Woodstock Road loved our Easter bonnet parade, it was a great success! Throughout the week leading up to Easter the children across the nursery were very busy creating their own unique Easter bonnets using lots of create materials of their choice (some children even made them at home!). During the Easter bonnet parade the children walked and paraded their bonnets to their families and friends. After this the children and their family shared an ‘Easter Tea’ with sandwiches and hot cross buns, before exploring the various Easter activities provided for them, including an Easter egg hunt.

Easter bonnet

Play and learn at home

The children were provided with play and learning at home bags. The bags had lots of activity ideas include and some materials for the children to create crafts at home.

Ready for school event

Our Preschool children are set to leave for new schools in September. At our nursery we ensure that our parents and children are ready for this next step. Parents are invited to attend an informative and fun session. There were lots of activities set out which can help and support children in getting ready for school, next to the activities were descriptions of how the activities can support them. The parents are also given the opportunity to ask questions and help themselves to information packs and leaflets.

Ready for school 1

Ready for school 2

Exploring shadows

The children in our baby two room had lots of fun exploring shadows created in the room. They made lots of body movements to create and explore their shadow.


When the suns shining look for different types of shadows in the natural environment, i.e. Trees in the fields, houses in the street, cars on the road and even your shadows on the pavement.

Play and learn at home

At night you can use a torch with your fingers in front to make shadows on the walls.

Growing artists in the Toddler room

The Toddlers have been looking at different kinds of art and have been drawing their interest from different artists from across the decades. They looked at some of the pictures created by Andrew Goldsworthy who is an artist that uses only what is to hand in nature. 

Stones 1

Stones 2

The children gathered some stones from around the garden and all had a go at completing their own pieces of art work.

Play and learn at home

When you are out and about – look around and see what you can use to make into a piece of art.