Nursery Applications

1.1 Applications for nursery provision should be made via the Childcare Services online portal:  Once parents have submitted their application, they will receive an email outlining the action they need to take to ensure their application is processed onto the waiting list.  It is important that parents read through this carefully.

1.2 Parents are eligible for nursery provision in line with their FTE contract (staff) or FTE of study (students).  Staff or students with part-time contracts will be eligible for part-time childcare.  For further information, see Section 2 (Access to nurseries).  Parents who have full-time contracts but who only need part-time childcare are encouraged to apply for such rather than leave a full-time place empty for part of the week .

1.3 Parents are able to amend their nursery choices, attendance pattern, requested start date, at any time during the period they are on the waiting list (subject to the changes being appropriate for their nursery choices and the applicant being eligible to apply for their requested childcare). 

1.4 Parents who are looking to make an additional application for a child (perhaps where they wish for a Montessori placement from the age of 2) will need to contact Childcare Services directly to make the second application for the same child.  Any made via the online application portal will be deleted. Parents applying for a nursery place for an additional child, can do this via the online portal. 

1.5 Childbase nurseries Sandfield and Julia Durbin: as University places are limited across the two Childbase nurseries applicants can apply for one or other of these nurseries (not both) as nursery preference 1.  If either (or both) of the Childbase settings are listed as preference 2 or preference 3 they will be removed from the application.

1.6 Staff and students can apply online as soon as they have their single sign on details. 

1.7 Where individuals/parents are both staff and students they are classed as ‘staff’ for the purposes of their nursery application (effective all applications from 1st January 2016)

1.8 Parents with children already in nurseries can request an increase in days via a new application (subject to them not also holding a current application for the same child).