Information on and links to the main bodies involved in the University's governance, its legislation, its elections, and on the team supporting the governance structures.            

Governance structures

The structure of the University's central governance, its legislation, the University as a charity and linked charities, and organisational charts.


Congregation's website, including the legislative structure, and material for recent and forthcoming meetings.


The website of the Elections Office, detailing the procedures for elections, and up to date information on any forthcoming or current elections.

Council's new website

Council's website, including its remit, membership, dates of its meetings, and Council papers from Michaelmas Term 2015* (*oxonly).

Archive of publication of Council papers

Publication of earlier Council papers (to Trinity Term 2015)


The terms of reference and membership of committees of Council.

Divisional Boards

How Divisional Boards fit into the University governance structure, and links to further information on the divisions.


Information on the Colleges, and their role in the collegiate University.

About the Governance Team

Many of the central governance structures are supported by the Governance Team. Learn more here about their roles, and who to contact on what.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about the governance function.