For the membership of Congregation, see Statute IV and Congregation Regulations 1 of 2002

Congregation is the supreme governing body of the University, essentially consisting of all Oxford academic staff, and more senior academic-related staff.

Membership queries should be raised with college or departmental/faculty administrators in the first instance.

Eligible members of the University (including college-only appointments as identified by their college and notified to the Congregation Membership Administrator) will receive an email from the Congregation Membership Administrator inviting them to become members of Congregation and/or faculty. You should use the Nomination for Membership of Congregation form, and accompanying notes of guidance, to submit your nomination. Completed nomination forms should be authorised by the head of college, head of department or faculty/divisional board secretary and returned by the college or department administrator to the Congregation Membership Administrator, Council Secretariat, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.