Room booking policy

Approved by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 2 May 2017

  1. Rooms used to hold meetings or events at the University:
    1. are under the authority of (i) the Head of Department (or their nominee) responsible for the department’s space or (ii) University Administration and Services (UAS) in the case of UAS-managed University-level facilities; and 
    2. must be booked for use in accordance with the guidelines set down by the relevant Head of Department or the Registrar (as Head of UAS).
  2. All staff and students of the University who are organising meetings or events, or are responsible for booking space or arranging facilities for University events, must follow the University’s Code of Practice on Meetings and Events. (The Code applies to all meetings and events held on University premises (including those organised by third parties), as well as all University funded, affiliated and branded events regardless of location).