Dispensations for graduate students (Taught)

Applications and supporting evidence should be emailed to edcapplications@admin.ox.ac.uk and not to individual case officers.

All information will be treated confidentially and only passed to those involved in the decision-making process.

Straightforward cases of certain types are dealt with by officers in Education Policy Support. In some cases, advice may be given in addition to, or in place of, the dispensation sought. More complex cases are referred to the Chair of Education Committee who makes a decision on the Committee’s behalf.

Dispensations application process for graduate taught students

  • Student speaks to Director of Graduate Studies and/or supervisor and/or college;
  • Graduate Studies Administrator and/or college advises student on application process and information required;
  • Student collates necessary documents:
    • Medical evidence, DAS report etc.
  • Director of Graduate Studies, or delegate, or college emails Education Policy Support with encrypted attachments setting out clearly:
    • Student’s name, course, student ID number;
    • The dispensation being sought;
    • The background, including how the student’s circumstances have affected his/her ability to study or take exams;
    • In the case of illness it is important to include dates of when the student’s studies were affected and when he or she anticipate returning to studies;
    • The view of the department or faculty or college.