Pay Expenses

Introduction Need for expense Incur expense Authorise expense Handle claims Process controls

Focus Points

  • Claim forms should be fully completed to avoid queries.

R12 Key Changes

  • Queries with claims will be managed through Oracle Financials - facilitating a quicker resolution and payment.


To ensure compliance with University rules and HM Revenue and Customs tax regulations, it is essential that expenses are correctly submitted and appropriately authorised. The process applies to all individuals entitled to claim reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the University (including staff, students, visitors and others), and to those responsible for reviewing and authorizing claims.

Pay Expenses takes you through each step: From the initial need for incurring expenses, to submission of claims, their authorization and ultimate payment.

The process and associated financial controls have been written in support of the University's Expenses and Benefits Guide.

Version Control

2013: Process updated in line with the R12 project changes. Forms updated January 2016. Previous versions are available on request via