IT Committee

The IT Committee reports to Council and is responsible for:

  1. all matters relating to the management, including maintenance, of the University's central IT policies, facilities and services;
  2. overseeing all capital projects insofar as they relate to the University's central IT and in accordance with the approvals given by PRAC and Council;
  3. the development and implementation of the University's strategy relating to IT;
  4. overseeing the development of key performance indicators, including the delivery of value for money;
  5. identifying and leading the management of strategic risk in relation to IT;
  6. developing and maintaining policies and regulations regarding the University's IT operations; and
  7. all other IT-related matters of an operational or strategic nature.

This website provides University staff with access to the Committee's membership and terms of reference, together with a digest of the proceedings at each meeting. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the Committee Secretary, Ms Abigail Cooke by emailing or calling (2)73229.