Private accommodation

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Where you live and whom you live with can significantly impact your student experience.  When choosing where to stay visit the area at night, as well as during the day, to make sure that the area feels right for you.

Student Pad is a great place to start your housing search. It's a property finder that is free to use and managed by the University of Oxford's Accommodation Office.

You can also find out about student letting at various letting agencies in the city. However, be aware that these agents will charge you administration fees of up to around £150 per person if you decide to rent a property with them, and may also charge you to run a credit check on your financial history. 

Security in Colleges and Halls

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Students may own a number of items that are attractive to thieves such as laptops, and mobile phones.

Criminals occasionally target student halls and houses because bedroom and flat doors are often left unlocked or even propped open making it an easy job for a burglar.

  • When you leave your room in Halls, always lock the door and shut the window, even if you are only popping next door for a chat
  • Avoid leaving notes on your door that advertise that you are out of your room – such as ‘Back in ten minutes!’
  • Never let anyone into your accommodation block by holding a door open for someone that you don’t recognise. It may seem rude but people who have authorised access will understand and won’t be offended
  • Be aware also of people you don’t recognise trying to tailgate you – following you quickly through a door that can only be entered with a key, code or fob.

If you see anything suspicious or suspect an intruder, Call the Police 999, report it to your College and to Security Services.  It may be nothing to worry about but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Dark Nights Advice

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As the evenings get darker, here are a few tips to keep your room and property becoming a target this winter.

  • Remove laptops & valuables out of site of a ground floor windows
  • Please close curtains or blinds when you arrive back to your room in the evening
  • Don’t open the door to any one that you don’t know always check who it is from a ground floor or upstairs window.
  • Double check before going to bed that the front door and back door are locked
  • Don’t leave any keys near the front door letter box as these can be accessed through the letter box
  • Make sure that you back up any work on a laptop with a USB stick and keep the stick somewhere safe at all times.