Research support is available from:

  • Research Services, for support with grants and contracts (divisional teams) and specialist help and advice (specialist teams)
  • Research Accounts, for all sponsor billing, claims, statements and debt collection

Research Services

Divisional teams
Humanities, Social Sciences & GLAM Team, supporting Humanities, Social Sciences, Gardens, Libraries and Museums, and Continuing Education
Science Area Team, supporting Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences and pre-clinical medical sciences based in Oxford's science area
Medical Sciences Team, also includes specialist advice on research-related insurance
Specialist teams
European Team (European funding)
Clinical Trials and Research Governance (CTRG) (clinical research)
IP Rights Management (intellectual property rights)
Research Ethics and Integrity Team (research integrity and ethical review)
Research Systems and Information Management Team (specialist systems and research activity data)
Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team (KEIT)
Director's Office
Director's Office (public engagement, research policy and management)

Research Accounts

Research Accounts
Research Accounts, Finance Division (post-award financial management)