Research Contracts

Research Services is responsible for negotiating and authorising all contracts which facilitate research. These include sponsored research agreements,  the exchange of confidential information, datasets, research tools or materials, as well as engaging expert non-University employees as consultants on an externally-funded research project.

Please involve Research Services as early as possible where a research-related contract is required. Informal or verbal agreements with external bodies made before you contact us may make it difficult to obtain acceptable terms and conditions, or an appropriate price. Please see our guidance on pricing research contracts with industry. Contracts are entered into with a wide range of external bodies including other universities, companies, government departments and agencies, charities and individuals.

University policy for University staff to undertake consulting is not managed by Research Services. Please see Consulting Activity for further information. Contracts for the purchase of materials and equipment for use in research are usually negotiated by the Purchasing Team.

On these pages you will find information about standard research agreements, services agreements, collaboration agreements, studentship agreements, visiting researchers agreements and clinical research agreements, CDAs (confidentiality disclosure agreement) and MTAs (material transfer agreements), as well as information about open source software.