Innovation Implementation Leadership Group

In 2014, an Oxford University Innovation Working Group (OIWG) was formed and reported a number of recommendations which were endorsed by Council in order to further embed knowledge exchange and innovation in Oxford’s culture.  Council agreed that the PVC (Research) should convene an Implementation Leadership Group to determine the actions required to implement the recommendations. 

The Implementation Leadership Group established four taskforce-like sub groups which addressed particular clusters of issues:

1. Academic Culture, Leadership and Recognition
Chair: Professor Ian Walmsley. Secretary: Gill Rowe.

2. Entrepreneurship, Education and Support
Chair: Professor Sally Mapstone. Secretary: Caroline Bucklow

3. Professional Services: Roles and Funding
Chair: Professor Ian Walmsley. Secretary: Glenn Swafford with Lisa Driver-Davidson

4. Communications and External Relations
Chair: Professor Peter Grindrod. Secretary: Helen Carstairs

The Implementation Leadership Group (Chair: Professor Ian Walmsley; Secretary: Glenn Swafford) reported to Research Committee and Council at the end of the 2014/15 academic year.