Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG)

The Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG) is responsible to the Research Committee for advising on the development of University policy around the management and exploitation of intellectual property. IPAG meets on average three times per year. Its membership includes senior academics from the University of Oxford, senior members of Research Services and Legal Services, and representatives from Oxford University Innovation. IPAG is serviced jointly by Research Services and Oxford University Innovation.

Terms of Reference

The Intellectual Property Advisory Group shall be responsible to the Research Committee for the following matters, and shall report to the Research Committee, making recommendations as appropriate:

(a)   the provision of advice on general policy issues pertaining to the management and exploitation of the University’s intellectual property;
(b)   the provision of advice on the University’s Intellectual Property Policy and its implementation;
(c)   the consideration and resolution of disputes, or their referral as appropriate to the Research Committee, about matters concerning intellectual property management and technology transfer (such as the distribution of equity shares in spin-out companies amongst inventors, the University, and investors);
(d)   the provision of advice to the Vice-Chancellor to assist his or her role in the arbitration of disagreements between inventors over revenue-sharing arrangements;
(e)   the giving of advice to the Director of Research Services and the Managing Director of Isis Innovation on specific proposals for the exploitation of the University’s intellectual property through sponsored research or licence agreements[1], bearing in mind the need to balance commercial considerations with academic and other concerns;
(f)    the referral of matters associated with the management of intellectual property, as appropriate, to the Committee on Conflict of Interest, in particular to ensure that risks are minimised (for example in connection with the acceptance of research sponsorship from spin-out companies in which the principal investigator has an equity interest);
(g)   contribute to, and provide advice on University responses to Government on national initiatives pertaining to intellectual property, technology transfer or related issues;
(h)   providing guidance and advice to the relevant University bodies on education and training matters relating to intellectual property and technology transfer;
(i)    in addition, IPAG may report to GPC on matters pertaining to the University’s intellectual property that fall within GPC’s remit.

[1] The reference to sponsored research or licence agreements serves to differentiate (f) from (e)

Members and Attending Officers

Professor Ian Walmsley, ex officio Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) who shall chair the Group
Mr Nigel Keen, ex officio Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oxford University Innovation
Ms Linda Naylor, ex officio Managing Director of Oxford University Innovation
Ms Carolyn McKee, ex officio  Deputy Director of Legal Services
Dr Glenn Swafford, ex officio Director of Research Services
Mr Giles Kerr, ex officio Director of Finance
Professor Ewan McKendrick, ex officio Registrar
Associate Professor Nicholas Davidson, St Edmund Hall, Faculty of History (until 2020) One academic representative from the Humanities Division
Dr Robert Pitkethly, St Peter’s, Faculty of Management (until 2017);
Professor Graeme. Dinwoodie, St Peter’s, Law (until 2016)
Two academic representatives from the Social Sciences Division
Professor Sir John I. Bell, Christ Church, Medicine (until 2020);
Professor Ian Pavord, St Edmund Hall, Medicine (until 2020)
Two academic representatives from the Medical Sciences Division
Professor Constantin Coussios, Magdalen, Engineering (until 2019);
Professor Steven G. Davies, Magdalen, Chemistry (until 2020)
Two academic representatives from the MPLS Division
Two Co-opted Members
Vacancy Student representative
Dr Mairi Gibbs, Head of Operations, Oxford University Innovation
Mr Geoff Lees, Senior Solicitor, Legal Services
Richard Liwicki, Deputy Director, Research Services
Mrs Lucy Booth, Head of IP Rights Management, Research Services
 Officers in attendance

Secretary: Rowena van Asselt, Research Services

Meeting dates and deadlines for papers 2016-17

The Working Group normally meets once a term.

DateTimeDeadline for papers
Friday 11 November 2016 10am–noon 4 November 2016
Monday 13 February 2017 2–4pm 6 February 2017
Friday 2 June 2017 10am–noon 26 May 2017