Strategic Agenda

Strategic themes and indicative major agenda items for 2015-16

Strategic themes and indicative meeting agendas for Research Committee for 2015/16 were agreed by the Committee at its 29 October 2015 meeting.

Four key ‘strategic themes’ will be addressed through the year:

  1. Global reach in research
  2. National and EU research policy and funding
  3. The role and contribution of graduate students to research
  4. Public engagement with research 

The intention is to devote a significant part of at least one meeting to each item, although there may be brief updates at other times.  In the current Plan for the year (187kb) orange boxes (shaded, italics) are used to denote these items. The plan may change over the course of the year, to allow the Research Committee to be responsive to emerging issues and allocate time to consider additional items.

Colleagues are encouraged to raise matters of importance to the Divisions and the Colleges and the University overall with the Chair so these can be factored into meeting plans.

Further information may be obtained from Glenn Swafford, 01865 (2) 80422