Display Screen Users Eye Sight Testing

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Departments should make arrangements for eye and eyesight testing for employees who are users of display screen equipment with an optician from the list below.

Any employee who is a user of display screen equipment is entitled, on request, to receive an eye and eyesight test as defined in the Optical Act 1989. Employees are expected to bring this request to the attention of their department (usually the administrator) before any arrangements
for testing is put in place.

The optician determines the frequency of repeat eye and eyesight testing for users. This is usually every two years, but it can vary for individual patients. The department must also meet costs of repeat testing.

Arrangements have been made with the following opticians in Oxford who can provide the appropriate testing. Gardiners and P B Conway will invoice the department upon receipt of a departmental purchase order or letter on headed notepaper authorising the testing. There is no option of raising a purchase order with David Clulow or Vision Express (UK) Ltd t/a Batemans and inidividuals must pay directly and seek reimbursement of their expenses from their department.  If employees wish to seek reimbursement from the University for the test and any corrective lenses recommended they are not free to choose an optician other than the four nominated below.

Where the optician recommends an employee be provided with eyesight correction specifically for their work with DSE, the law requires that the University meet reasonable costs. This is met from departmental funds. A reasonable contribution is now regarded as up to £75 and this contribution will be kept under review. There is no requirement on the University to contribute where ‘normal’ glasses, provided for reading, watching TV, or driving, are adequate for DSE use. 



Cost (per test)

(No VAT chargeable)

David Clulow

13 High Street

Tel: 01865 790345


Note:  There is no option of raising a purchase order with David Clulow.  Individuals must pay directly and seek reimbursement of their expenses. Staff must state they are University employees when booking/attending the eyesight test to ensure they are charged £20.00


5 Manor Buildings

Osler Road



Tel: 01865 761459


 Note: A purchase order (PO) is required in order to claim the lower price of £18.  Please ensure the name of the person undergoing the DSE eyesight test is included on the PO.  Gardiners also require the individual to take a paper copy of the PO with them when attending for the DSE eyesight test, otherwise the individual will have to pay directly and seek reimbursement of their expenses

P B Conway

44 George Street



Tel: 01865 244667 or 01865 247031


Vision Express (UK) Ltd

31-32 Queen Street



Tel: 01865 243567


Note:  There is no option of raising a purchase order with Vision Express (UK) Ltd.  Individuals must pay directly and seek reimbursement of their expenses.

 (Details correct as of 30 April 2019)

A contribution might be required if the following statement is ticked on an optician’s report: 

-  Spectacles are required for general use, incorporating a special prescription for VDU use

This statement refers to multi-focal prescriptions.  The use of bifocal or varifocal glasses can sometimes introduce other problems, as a person might make repeated adjustments to their head/neck position or adopt awkward positions in order to look through the appropriate part of the lens.  The department should therefore consult the Safety Office whenever this statement is ticked.  The Safety Office will liaise, as necessary, with the relevant optician and individual, in order to help them decide on an appropriate solution specific to their work with DSE.

Any other questions or queries should be directed to the Safety Office.

Purchase orders for display screen equipment eyesight tests at the approved opticians (above) should be raised by the departmental administrator or equivalent. The cost of the eyesight test is met from departmental funds.

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Employees are not entitled to see an ophthalmic practitioner of their choosing for these tests.