Accident, incident, disease and near miss reporting

As part of the University’s arrangements for the management of health and safety, all accidents and incidents, i.e. those involving injury, fire, impersonal incidents (non-injury events involving only property damage) and near misses, must be reported promptly to the University Safety Office on fully completed Accident/Incident Report Forms. Cases of suspected occupationally-related ill health should be reported to the University Occupational Health Service.

Near misses are incidents that did not result in injury, illness, or damage but which had the potential to do so. Recognizing and reporting these incidents can provide opportunities to learn lessons that prevent future injury or damage. Staff and students should be actively encouraged to report near misses without fear of blame.

Accident and Incident Report Forms

The University Safety Office issues pads of uniquely numbered multi-part forms to departments and institutions. They should ensure their staff and students understand the importance of completing the forms and know where to find them when needed. Named individuals should be made responsible for their safe keeping and for forwarding completed forms promptly to the Safety Office. This enables the Safety Office to investigate and make any statutory reports to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) where necessary, to monitor and review accident trends, and to recommend any remedial action. The form also satisfies the requirements of social security and first aid legislation to keep a record of accidents and first aid treatment at work.

The information on the forms is processed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. It is used only for the purpose of monitoring the University’s health and safety performance and discharging other duties under health and safety legislation.

To obtain a new pad of accident and incident report forms please contact the Safety Office at

The Policy S1/14 Accident, incident, disease and near miss reporting, provides further information.

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