Computer Use


What is display screen equipment?

The use of the term display screen equipment (DSE), previously known as visual display unit (VDU), covers cathode ray screens and liquid crystal displays, plasma screens and is inclusive of the use of laptops. In general this will mean the use of computers, but it can include a variety of other equipment such as the use of displays linked to microscopes in Laboratories.

The University is required by law to manage the use of this equipment so that the associated risks are controlled. How this is done is specifically outlined within the University Policy Statement, S8/09

DSE Eyesight Tests

Eye test exam

DSE Self Assessment Program




 However, the following is a summary of your department's key responsibilities:

  • Identify 'DSE Users'
    [NOTE: The term 'DSE User' is defined within the policy statement. Anyone using a computer in the University can undertake the training and assessment, but it is the departmental DSE assessors who will make the final decision as to which actions are appropriate.]
  • Provide adequate training and information in the safe use of DSE and instruct individuals to report suspected problems at the earliest opportunity.
  • Carry out assessments or request that individuals conduct their own self-assessment for all 'DSE users' and ensure the findings of the assessment are acted upon.     DSE Self Assessment Program
  • Review assessments and make appropriate changes.
  • Arrange appropriate eye/eyesight testing for 'DSE users' when requested, and meet the cost of the test and reasonable costs of any corrective spectacles recommended by a University approved optician. (see Appendix 4 of the University Policy Statement, S8/09)
  • Ensure prompt referral to the Occupational Health Service of those with suspected problems from DSE use.