Health and Safety Self Assurance Report of the 2013 Survey


The general data from the 2013 health and safety self assurance exercise has now been collated and is summarised within the following report:

 The main purpose of the self assurance toolkit is to help individual departments assess their own health and safety management systems.  However, the submitted questionnaires also help the University monitor and identify common themes.  The University health and safety committees are therefore grateful to departments, faculties and offices for their participation in this exercise.

Departments are asked to discuss the findings of their questionnaires during their departmental safety advisory committees.  Where gaps have been identified, the safety committees should then participate in identifying and planning improvements.  General advice on how improvements can be made is available within the report or throughout the self-assurance toolkit.  Feedback will also be given at the forthcoming Departmental Safety Officer Meeting and, as necessary, through direct discussions with departmental safety officers.

It has been agreed that the health and safety self assurance exercise will be repeated every two years to enable departments to make noticeable improvements.  Although departments are not expected to submit a questionnaire in 2014, the toolkit will remain open for departments to access their own findings and the supporting information.  Departments should check their progress against the performance standards and use the supporting information to identify where further improvements can be made.

The toolkit can be accessed at:

 If there are any questions regarding the self assurance toolkit or report, please email

March 2014