M4/11: Contact with the Fire Service

The University Safety Office maintains an excellent working relationship with officers from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. To avoid misunderstandings when the Fire Service deals with departments/units I should be grateful if you would ensure that your staff observe the following protocols.

  • Do not contact the Fire Service directly with enquiries concerning fire safety provision on University premises. Such queries should first be addressed to the University Fire Officer (via postmaster@safety.ox.ac.uk) who can invariably answer the query and will liaise with the Fire Service where necessary.
  • Do not respond directly to letters or emails from the Fire Service but send copies without delay to the University Fire Officer, who will advise on a suitable response.
  • Inform the University Fire Officer if the Fire Service requests access to buildings in order to audit or inspect them, or if fire crews wish to make familiarisation visits. This is to ensure that appropriate individuals are available and that appropriate information is at hand.
  • If questions are raised during audits, inspections or familiarisation visits that cannot be satisfactorily answered, or if issues cannot be amicably resolved, then it would be helpful to suggest that the Fire Service contacts the University Safety Office to seek a resolution.