Memo: M7/18 Display Screen Equipment (Appendix 4, UPS 8/09)

David Clulow (Opticians) now require a payment upfront from individuals who use them for a DSE related eyesight test.  Individuals will then need to get reimbursement from their University department.

Appendix 4 (UPS 8/09 – Display Screen Equipment regulations) has been updated to reflect this change:

David Clulow have informed us [University Safety Office] that they are having problems in recovering some payments from purchase orders.  As such, they will no longer accept purchase orders.  Anyone wishing to use David Clulow will need to pay upfront and then seek reimbursement from their department.  This is the same arrangement as for Vision Express (UK) Ltd.   

Please bring this to the attention of your DSE users.  Please also remind them of the general requirements of Appendix 4 (UPS 8/09) for DSE related eye tests.  This will avoid non-payments when the procedures outlined in Appendix 4 are not followed.   


The University Safety Office has produced a series of FAQs to help address some common problems with the process.  See:

 UPS 8/09 will be updated in 2019, including a review of the DSE related eye test arrangements.

15 October 2018                                                                                                                 B Jenkins