Policy Statements 2016

YearTermPolicy No.Title
2016 Hilary S1/13 revised The Health and Safety of Young People and Children 
2016 Hilary S3/07 revised Overseas Travel  

Policy Statements 2015

YearTermPolicy NoTitle
2015 Michaelmas S4/15 Safety with work in nanomaterials  
2015 Michaelmas S3/15 Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 
2015   S2/15 Student Placements 
2015   S1/15 Transport of dangerous goods

Policy Statements 2014

YearPolicy NumberTitle
2014 S5/11 - Revision Revised Policy on Hazardous Waste Disposal
2014 S6/14 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations
2014 S5/14 Disposal of Biological/Clinical Waste (issued only to selected departments and personnel)
2014 S4/14 Arrangements for first aid on University premises
2014 S3/14 Fume cupboards
2014 S2/14 Asbestos
2014 S1/14 Accident, incident, disease and near miss reporting

Policy Statements 2013

YearPolicy numberTitle
2013 S3/13 Prevention of Laboratory Animal Allergy
2013 S2/13 Safety representatives
 2013  S1/13 The health and safety of young people and children


Policy statements 2012

YearPolicy NumberTitle
2012 S1/12 Management of work with ionising radiation at the University of Oxford

Policy statements 2011

YearPolicy NumberTitle
2011 S6/11 Security of pathogens, toxins & genetically modified materials
2011 S5/11 Hazardous waste disposal
2011 S4/11 Non ionising radiation
2011 S3/11 Work at height
2011 S2/11 Health and safety management responsibilities
2011 S1/11 Health and safety management profile (HASMAP) audit

Policy statements 2010

YearPolicy NumberTitle
2010 S8/10 Eye protection
2010 S7/10 Laboratory clearance and decommisioning procedures
2010 S5/10 Health and safety induction training
2010 S4/10 Working safely with electricity
2010 S1/10 Indemnity for heads of departments and those undertaking departmental safety duties

Policy statements 2009

YearPolicy NumberTitle
2009 S8/09 Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
2009 S7/09 Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
2009 S6/09 Gas safety
2009 S5/09 Biorisk management
2009 S2/09 Laser safety
2009 S1/09 Supervisors responsibilities

Policy statements 1999-2008


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2008 S6/08 Contractors working on university premises
2008 S5/08 Risk assessment
2008 S4/08 Local exhaust ventilation systems
2008 S3/08 Slips, trips and falls


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2007 S11/07 Electrophoresis apparatus
2007 S10/07 Fire risk assessments
2007 S9/07 Safety signs
2007 S8/07 Fire drills
2007 S7/07 Legionnaires' Disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems
2007 S5/07 Safety in fieldwork
2007 S3/07 Overseas travel
2007 S2/07 Work-related road safety
2007 S1/07 Departmental safety inspections


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2006 S1/06 The noise at work regulations 2005


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2005 S7/05 Risk assessment of work-related violence
2005 S4/05 Routine testing and mainenance of emergency lighting systems
2005 S3/05 Routine testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems
2005 S2/05 Calling the fire service
2005 S1/05 Storage of flammable liquids


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2004 S5/04 Chemical weapons
2004 S4/04 Food safety


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2003 S5/03 Safety with gas cylinders
2003 S4/03 Liquid nitrogen


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2002 S3/02 Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992
2002 S2/02 Workplace (Health, safety & welfare) regulations 1992
2002 S1/02 The management of health and safety at work regulations


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2001 S11/01 Safety requirements for university lecture facilities
2001 S6/01 Acetylene
2001 S5/01 Contingency planning for fire and flooding
2001 S4/01 Unattended operation of apparatus & equipment
2001 S3/01 Safety rules for laboratories where there is a risk of chemical exposure
2001 S2/01 Department Safety Advisory Committee
2001 S1/01 Duties of departmental safety officers


YearPolicy NumberTitle
2000 S7/00 Pressure systems and gas cylinders


YearPolicy NumberTitle
1999 S7/99 Manual handling operations regulations 1992
1999 S4/99 Safe use of woodworking machinery
1999 S3/99 Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998 (LOLER 98)
1999 S2/99 Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998