Mailing List Usage Statement

As an active eVision user you will automatically be included in the mailing lists and membership of these mailing lists is mandatory. Occasionally the Student Systems Support Centre (SSSC) may email you as an active eVision user for the following reasons:

  • To inform you of any changes to system availability, such as planned downtime, ‘at-risk’ periods and any unexpected downtime, and will update you when normal service will resume.
  • To inform you of any new or significant changes to functionality which may affect you. These targeted emails will be based upon your existing eVision access and should mean you only receive emails regarding areas of eVision which you use. If you receive emails regarding areas of eVision which you do not use, then please check with your Information Custodian (IC) to ensure any historic access has been removed from your login.
  • To inform you of any eVision upgrades which may affect when you can access eVision or how functionality may appear to you.
  • To allow you to feedback on the service you have received from the SSSC and the usefulness and usability of the eVision functionality, such as in the context of the User Experience Survey.

The number of emails you receive from the SSSC will be kept to a minimum to inform you of any essential information and provide you with an opportunity to feedback to us. The Student Systems News webpage and the eVision landing page are also useful sources of information for any system availability, new functionality and planned upgrades. Where new functionality has been released or changes to existing functionality have been made then the Training Documentation on the Student Systems webpages will also be updated and/or created in order to provide you with up to date support.