Student Systems Improvements

Student Systems performs a continuous programme of improvement work, funded and approved through the Education IT Board. This includes minor scale changes, either to existing student systems functionality or creating new functionality. The majority of changes are with regard to eVision and SITS:Vision, the main student records system at Oxford. Continuous improvement work is referred to as ‘Enhancements’. A request to make a change (an enhancement) to student systems can be made by anyone.

Significant changes to student systems typically become (or are incorporated into) projects within the Education IT Programme.

View a list of the current and planned enhancement requests in the Enhancement Request List.

How do I raise a request for an improvement?

Improvements (enhancement requests) can be raised by emailing the Student Systems Support Centre. Your request will be logged in HEAT and you will be sent an incident number in order to track the progress of your request.

What happens to my request after it has been logged?

When a new improvement (enhancement request) is logged, the Student Systems Support Centre will review it and it will be categorised as either an issue (bug) or an improvement (enhancement). The purpose of this is to make sure the request is reviewed by the correct person(s) and ensure that appropriate action is taken in order to address the request.

If the request is identified as a bug fix then the appropriate course of action is likely to be to follow the Student Systems Support Centre's current change procedures. If more than one user has highlighted this bug then it may be logged as a 'problem' and logged on the 'Known Issues' webpage. You will be informed as to the progress of your request via email which will reference your incident number you received when you first logged the request.

If your request is categorised as an enhancement, it will be allocated for review and prioritisation. It will be added to the Enhancement Request list.

Depending upon the scale of the enhancement and the relative priority, the enhancement may be delivered through the Enhancements work or through the Education IT Programme of work.

How do I check the progress of a request I have made?

You can track the progress of a new request you have made by either clicking the 'self service' web link in the email you received when your request was logged or by emailing Student Systems Support Centre.  If your request has been logged as a bug, then you will be informed of any progress by the Student Systems Support Centre.

If your request is identified as an enhancement (a change that results in an improvement), then the Student Systems Support centre will update you and your original request will be marked as ‘resolved’.

Your enhancement request will then appear on the Enhancement Request list. You can track the progress of your enhancement request as well as other and planned enhancements by logging in and viewing details on this page.

The Enhancement Request list is a comprehensive list of all current and planned enhancements. See the question 'What work is planned for the rest of 2018/19?' below for a summary of current work.

What work is planned for 2018/19?

The details of work planned for 2018/19 can be found on the Enhancement Request list. When a package of work has been agreed, the list will also appear on this webpage.

Enhancement Aimed Completion

Redesign of eVision homepage

The eVision homepage is being redesigned to make it easier for you to find the information you need. As part of this the navigation of the systems will be simplified and personalised based upon the reports and searches you use most.

Hilary Term 2019

Disability Advisory Service (DAS) and Student Support Plans Indicators

Student Support Plan flags, together with a copy of the plan, will be visible to DAS, the student and disability coordinators in some eVision screens.

Hilary Term 2019

Undergraduate Admissions eVision Improvements

High priority improvements to eVision Undergraduate Admissions screens


Ongoing in 2018/19

Fee Rate Setting in eVision

Hilary Term 2019

Mitigating circumstances notice to examiners process transition into eVision

Currently only the outcomes are recorded in eVision, but this improvement will bring the support of the process into eVision.

End of Trinity Term 2019

I can't find my request logged in the Enhancement Request List.

If you are unable to find your request, then please email the Student Systems Support Centre.

I can't access the Enhancement Request List.

If you are unable to access the Enhancement Request list then please email the Student Systems Support Centre.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

Further enquiries can be directed to the Student Systems Support Centre.